frequently asked questions.....

  • How much does it cost? - Most repairs cost less than your Insurance excess. Find out exactly how much with a free on-site quote from our trained professionals

  • Where is the service performed? - Time is a luxury and we offer the convenience of coming to you. Our mobile vans are a travelling repair station which can perform the repair at your home or at work

  • How long will the repair take? - The average repair will be completed between 1 and 4 hours. More extensive damage may take longer but should be complete inside a day.

  • What types of damage can you fix? - The core service range of Streamline Bodyworks include onsite repairs to scraped, dented or torn/split bumpers, as well as stone chips and scratches. Our superior Buff & Polish service is second to none. Other value-added service specialties include Alloy Wheel Repairs, Paintless Dent Removal, Colour Coding and more.

  • Can I use my insurance? - With the majority of minor repairs costing less than $500, most customers are pleasantly surprised at the value Streamline Bodyworks offer. When the repairs are more extensive many customers still prefer avoiding the insurance claim path and risking increased premiums. However, we are happy to work with your insurance company to ensure timely quotes and correct procedures are followed.

  • Will it look as good as if I took my car to a repair shop? -Streamline Bodyworks use high quality automotive paints and repair products. Our highly trained professional technicians can produce a repair equal to a panel shop for these cosmetic repairs. Remember, we will only take on a job which we know will meet your expectations.