Cut, Polish and Detail

Give your car the treatment it deserves.  Being the 2nd most valuable investment, keeping your vehicle in great condition only makes it easier to keep clean on a regular basis and may get you those extra dollars at resale time! 

We live in a harsh environment and being so close to the sea the air is laiden with not only industiral fall out but salt. This can penetrate your paint work and age your car. 

if you use your vehicle for business it becomes a reflection off the type of business person you are....remember you only get one cahnce at a first impression!

Scratch Repairs

"Honey I dented and scratched the car" this is something no one wants to hear!

Small dents and scratches can easily be repaired and for often less than your insurance excess.  We have the a computer based colour system for all Austalian and European vehicles and driven by our Professional Paint Technician, Neil there is no colour that he can not match. For a seamless dent and paint repair you need a professional that has had years of experience to ensure the absolute best finish on your vehicle.

Wrap removal

Wrap removal is our specialty. Rebranding your business?  Then we can help with the removal and polish of your vehicle for either resale of rebranding.


Headlight Rejuvenation

Nothing looks worse than when your healights turn cloudy and yellow. Did you know that this can fail a roadworthy? Call us today for quote to rejuvenate your headlights, you will be amazed how fantasic they look when they are finished.

Rental Car Repairs

Have you accidently damaged your rental car? Excesses are so high, we can repair the vehicle for a fraction of the cost and in a timley manner. We can come to you. Same day service*   if available.

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